About time I got back to this tiny space :)

July 17, 2013

My last post on this blog was 3 years ago. Today I spent time reading all those previous posts of mine and had an embarrassing laugh at myself. Over these 3 years I have been meaning to write but then people say when you grow up you lose that innocent willingness to try everything and put yourself out there without being conscious. That, I would like to believe is what happened to me apart from being lazy in the veil of work.

Over the last 3 years, I completed my Bachelors in Economics, worked for a year and got back to studying Economics for a Masters. What prompted me to want to write again is that I have evolved to become a highly opinionated person and there is only so much one can express in “140 characters” or on Facebook. I want to use this space I always had  to ramble on a lot of things life and education in particular have taught me.

Studying Economics has changed my life. From being a quiet, lazy girl to a slightly confident, strongly opinionated woman, this journey has a lot to do with what I studied. I have a heavy inclination to build  a career in Development studies but this by no means should classify me as a socialist( I’am not quite there yet, I heavily believe in Capitalism for Development). Over the years I have also turned out to be  slightly feminist and it is only obvious to happen considering I study courses like Gender Economics. This course has intrigued my curiosity to such a new level that a lot of my posts will be along these lines for as long as this latest fad lasts 😛

It is so good to be writing again! Keep checking in!


Good Times!

April 3, 2010

I Love this one, especially the Dirk Nannes bit! 🙂


And Namma Chennai ku Periya Whistle Adingee!!



April 1, 2010

Sometimes I want to beat myself out of such thoughts but MOST times I only wish I could live that way. I am finishing college in a year from now , yet I am still missing school and those people.

I spent 14 years in the same school. While in school I used to crib everyday. Now I realise, when we come out we only remember all the good things.

I am going to write down some of my best times in 14 years.

Hardly remember anything from L.K.G and U.K.G, but I met my best friends there. We grew up together in the same school all those 14 years.

I still remember, some time in 3rd std, one teacher walked in and sat on a wire chair and me and sangi could not help laughing at how the bottom of the chair went down.

All those stupid fights with girls and boys on things as silly as who sits with whom in the beginning of the year, learning bad words.

Our holy school was co-ed only till 5th so from some where in 8th boys from across the road(the Boys wing) were species who had to be drooled over.

In my 9th std I spent at least a fortune in buying munches for Vin on losing stupids bets. We used to bet on what Salwar the teacher would wear, who would be absent and such things-for lack of better things to do.

Apparently Biki-max ice creams don’t come any more but in 10th,11th and 12th, we used to eat that EVERYDAY. So yum and cheap in the pocket.

After 10th, I wanted to change school. But my mom insisted I Stayed back. Her decision was obvious considering the fact that her elder daughter studied 14 years in this school. That was also a problem for me because they all knew I  was HER sister. There were teachers who would say” oh you are her sister??? you are so naughty but”,” you are so talkative just like your sister”, “or even worse ” why can’t you score better when you have your sister at home, she will help you” . At such remarks I always wanted to say yeah right, why don’t you come home and see or so what if she was like that????.

To my relief I didn’t have such nagging comments in 11th because I choose commerce. Today, I am so glad I stayed back in the school for 11th. I met two of my most favourite people, best friends. If not for them and Sangi and Vin, I would have never survived those days.All those escapes to the “spare room”, constant bitching about the rest of the class, lunch with Sang and Vin were the best moments.

Everything changes after School. Days like today that make me want to go back to those days are the only consolations.

Éste es para toda mi gente especial de la escuela.(This one, is for all my special people from school) 🙂

Friend in need is a friend indeed! :P

March 9, 2010

Hey Everybody,

A good friend of mine wrote this. It is for her project in college. So read it and post your views there. It is something we should all care about, at least have opinions about.

Oh and remember, Only your comments will help with the project!! 😛 :P.

Anything for Peace

February 12, 2010

So much for a movie. If only they would spend this time on constructive policies and development. Oh but isn’t that why they are never able to form a Government in that state?

India and Pakistan are going to revive talks. We know how it works. Talk.Bomb.Blame………………………………………Talk. Sometimes I wonder, if only the Governments of these 2 countries put aside politics and care for spreading peace and love. Essentially the hatred has never been among the people of the 2 countries( except a small section of the society here and there). Why cannot the Governments, for instance, initiate something like THIS . We can continue to criticize each others policies and play blame games but if we are really looking for Peace in the long run should we not be doing something like this?

I am afraid,if we continue to

protest against Pakistani cricketers coming to India

Criticize Amitabh Bachan for reading poems with Pakistani poets

Blame Sharukh Khan for supporting Pakistani players

we are never going to reach DESTINATION PEACE.


January 31, 2010

Andy Murray had history weighed on his shoulders, to win a Grand Slam and quench the British drought. Looks like the British have to wait longer. I was very disappointed he lost. Of course because it meant Federer won but also otherwise .

It is strange how things change in the course of one year.

Mr. Roger,

You might have won it this year but we all remember how you cried last time.A champion is someone who has dignity in accepting defeat just as in victory. You might be the best but you should never say that about yourself.

Mr. Nadal,

You might not have as good techniques as others do but you have it all to be the champion or pull down the champion just with your stamina and determination.You are a very inspiring person and player. You might have lost but we know it is not over. Vamos Rafa! hacer todo lo posible.


January 17, 2010

3 idiots released almost one month ago and I happened to watch it only this week. My friends were shocked it took me this long to watch the movie. Should I even mention how shocked they were when I told them I did not like the movie?

I had a lot of expectations from the movie. Aamir Khan did excellent marketing to hype the movie and “word of mouth” worked very well for the movie. People around kept saying the movie was “excellent, brilliant, thought provoking”. But honestly did you need Aamir Khan to tell you “Follow your dreams?”, if that was you meant by thought provoking. I agree this country has a madness about engineering,at least the place I come from. I know people who study engineering hating every minute of those 4 years. I have heard of people who skip a year  to  re write the IIT entrance test.But if we all knew what we wanted to do and did what we wanted to, wont we all be successful(in our own definitions of success)?.

In Tamil Nadu itself there are 500 odd engineering colleges. AP stands second with 431 colleges, Delhi has 89. Roughly, around 4 lakh engineers graduate every year in India. How many of them do you think are doing engineering because it is their passion? I know so many mechanical engineers working with the IT companies. I know people whose ambition  is engineering but they don’t mind any field of engineering as long as it is from reputed colleges.Evey year the counseling scene is like some fish market. I remember my dad’s friend frantically calling him up and giving updates about sold out seats( quite literally as well) when he went with his daughter. I accept engineers are brilliant and wanted all around the world but don’t we romanticize too much? Almost to the extent of putting down other professions and courses. I felt offended when a professor in the movie said” If you want it easy, go to an Arts college”. WTF! This is the problem in the country, we see nothing beyond engineering, not much.

OK I realised I did not mention why I did not like the movie. It had it’s funny parts but got very preachy. The message reached but we knew it before we watched the movie. Aal Izz well was a little annoying. Aamir khan acted like a retarded kid in his attempt to be a college student though I must accept he did a fairly good job. The movie did not endorse suicide but 3 suicide cases in one movie? A little overdose and misleading. We all watch movies knowing it is not real but that pregnancy scene was beyond what my imagination could take-BIZARRE. I would give the movie 5 on 10( not that my ratings matter).


December 12, 2009

I had a dream last night that I would write a post on my blog today. This is my “dreams come true” story. 😛

1. If people are angry shops wont close, colleges wont shut.

2. If people are angry the least they can do is protest but nobody would no because there wont be any media coverage.

3. If people are angry they wont go on hunger strikes in hospitals.

4. If people are angry separate states will not be formed.

Yet, all this happens. *Sigh* Now you know why we are a big democracy?

Interesting talk.

December 8, 2009


A very interesting talk from shashi Tharoor. Enjoy, feel proud.


November 28, 2009

I am so confused . Not because of what is happening in my life. Not even about something that is happening around( well, anywhere close).I want somebody to tell me who is who in the “Thackeray” family. Each day some Thackeray makes breaking news!!

Nadal has been such a disappointment at the ATP World Tour Finals. It is different when you lose in the finals or even in the semis. It is OK to not qualify to the semis but not at all acceptable when World No.2 fails to win even a single match. There is no way he will be reading this,Nadal I hope you get fit and get over your parents split( Some people think that has taken a toll on him). I am sure 2010 is going to be a brilliant year for him(not just the start). Staying with tennis, Robin Soderling might be playing well but I don’t want to support him at the Chennai Open.

Finally the World Cup qualifiers is done. No major disappointments unless you consider Russia a major one. Already seen quite a bit of cheating(France). My pick is again Argentina. All of you supporting England please continue to follow the tournament after the Quarter finals also, as always! 😛

My Spanish classes have been so much fun and learning. I have my level 1 exam in two weeks. How difficult is it to pass?

This month, fun with friends did not happen as expected thanks to some anti social ones( rather busy ones??).

College has been the same as ever-boring, bunking now and then, lot of junk eating , gossips, learning of course( why does that come last?).

Everybody is talking about the world ending in 2012. I want to live till then to see if it happens. The movie is worth watching though. The special effects is worth the tickets and pop corn. If at all the world ends that way, I want my family and friends to be as lucky as the family in the movie. However, until then it would be better if people could stop sending fwds saying love you, miss you because the world will end.

So 2009 is almost over. I want December to be a good one. I wish all of you have a great December as well.

P.S : I read Chetan Bagat’s latest-2 States. I loved the sarcasms , I like his books. :)Fun reading.